"You're a Champion for men. A great and insightful listener with a real understanding of how men think-- Just addresses what needs to be addressed and finds solutions. This is just the kind of help a guy needs!"

RJ, Counselor

"I was consistently dating the same kind of guy; artistic, non-committal and narcissistic. I wanted a child and I was getting on into my 30's. Finally, after this one guy devastated my heart, I went to see Catherine. She taught me formulas to dating and I applied them. I was doing so well, I stopped going to see Catherine, and then I happen to run into her a few months ago. She asked me how I was doing. I was proud to say "I am married to a wonderful loving man and have a year old child." I told her it was because of what I learned from her and she asked me to write this testimonial. So here it is. Thank you Catherine. You changed my life."

SD, Homemaker, Topanga CA

"There is so much I miss about living in California including the opportunity to see you. I appreciate the wise counsel you provided especially over these last two most challenging years. I think of you often and wish you the best. Your wisdom rocked my life – both personally and professionally. Thanks for everything."

RC, Publisher

"If I could change one thing in my life, it would be to have seen Catherine Cardinal sooner. With her help I was able to move on from the past and live life with enthusiasm and optimism-a way of living that throughout the years I hadn't felt and unfortunately had forgotten existed."

K.M., Comedian

"I have been doing phone sessions with Catherine for 5 weeks now. She has helped me get more in touch with my masculinity and this has allowed me to see the issues I have had with picking women. I originally thought I would need to talk with a man to get results, but I took a chance with Catherine and am amazed at her understanding of the male psyche. I think that my choices will improve in all areas of my life based on what I am learning."

B.K., Music Production
Miami, FL

I have worked with Catherine on some personal issues and I can only give the most positive remarks for her excellent work. From the beginning, Catherine consistently attended to every detail with firm compassion, respect and understanding. Most importantly, Catherine has the gifted ability to incorporate a sense of humor, which in her serious business, is a definite asset. My life has changed monumentally. My worst days now are better than my best days before I met her. Every job I am given now, I can carry out with efficiency, care and calmness, which is needed since my job entails working with artists, their management and agents, patrons, sponsors and vendors. Catherine is that rare combination of a person with such proficient skills combined with a warm and friendly personality. She is a valuable asset to my continuing development. I have nothing but compliments and admiration for her work."

Associate Producer

"I just completed a coaching series with Catherine on relationships and self-esteem. I thought that it would be about learning to pick better guys, and it was, but much more. My belief in myself and self-confidence is so much better and for the first time I can say I love and accept myself and feel more in charge of my future. This has helped at work, with my family and shows up in every area of my life. Thanks Catherine!"

V.M., Entrepreneur- Health Products
Seattle, WA

"I was a guy who just couldn't seem to get relationships right. I came to see Catherine while visiting a friend in LA, and was able to see her 5 times. She helped me to realize how my relationship with my father, which was rather dysfunctional, was influencing my choices in women. In our coaching session I was able to make some profound realizations and since then, have made much better choices in all of my relationships. I am now engaged to a wonderful woman! She has a deep understanding of men that I found very helpful."

C.R., Restaurateur
Tuscany, Italy

"We were referred to Catherine for Relationship Coaching by a friend who knew we were having marital problems. We are both in high stress jobs in the entertainment industry and were fighting often. Within the first visit we felt comfortable and in good hands. My husband was hesitant to come, thinking the women would gang up on him. But Catherine made us both feel at ease and helped us see the root of our constant arguments. I feel confident that with the relationship skills we learned we have a much better chance of making our relationship work. Thank you Catherine, we are grateful!"

F.M & T.M.