Life Coaching/Intuitive Counseling

Hey Guys--Catherine has so many skills for you! Every man has a potential for inner and outer greatness. Catherine has seen how men can be stifled and stunted in their personal growth by choosing the 'wrong' women; women who emasculate them by putting them down and draining their energy. These choices in women are usually a result of negative self-beliefs stemming from childhood experiences, poor parenting, peer and media pressure and our competitive, stressful world. She has coached many men on how to make much better choices by discovering their deepest sense of purpose and their unique version of masculinity. She can also help you integrate a healthy balance of your masculine and feminine side. She UNDERSTANDS--- it can all be SO confusing! It's not about dwelling on the past mistakes you feel you made but moving forward with confidence and clarity! Catherine has repeatedly found that what most men need is a safe place to discover who they are in their deepest self. She creates that safe place for every man who walks through her door. She facilitates them discovering that part of them that speaks to the world with confidence and self-esteem. Your AUTHENTIC SELF! YOUR REAL SELF! And men with this kind of power are more effective in every area of their life.

"You're a Champion for men. A great and insightful listener with a real understanding of how men think-- Just addresses what needs to be addressed and finds solutions. This is just the kind of help a guy needs!"

RJ, Counselor

"There is so much I miss about living in California including the opportunity to see you. I appreciate the wise counsel you provided especially over these last two most challenging years. I think of you often and wish you the best. Your wisdom rocked my life – both personally and professionally. Thanks for everything."


Dating And Relationship Coaching

Have you met the person of your dreams? Are you an eligible, sincere guy and tired of having your heart broken? Let Catherine help you to recognize the women(or men) who are worth investing time and money on and those who are not. Learn the skills you need to meet a great partner and have relationship success. There are specific formulas to becoming your Authentic Self and from this authentic place, then recognizing good potential matches. Otherwise, your negative patterns and self-talk make decisions for you, and these usually turn into BIG problems! Save yourself some heartache—learn the skills!

"I have been doing phone sessions with Catherine for 5 weeks now. She has helped me get more in touch with my masculinity and this has allowed me to see the issues I have had with picking women. I originally thought I would need to talk with a man to get results, but I took a chance with Catherine and am amazed at her understanding of the male psyche. I think that my choices will improve in all areas of my life based on what I am learning."

B.K., Music Production
Miami, FL

"I was a guy who just couldn't seem to get relationships right. I came to see Catherine while visiting a friend in LA, and was able to see her 5 times. She helped me to realize how my relationship with my father, which was rather dysfunctional, was influencing my choices in women. In our coaching session I was able to make some profound realizations and since then, have made much better choices in all of my relationships. I am now engaged to a wonderful woman! She has a deep and profound understanding of men that I found very helpful."

C.R., Restaurateur
Tuscany, Italy


Endorsed by both Jack Canfield and John Gray, Catherine's book, A Cure for the Common Life: The Cardinal Rules of Self-Esteem can assist you in developing great self-confidence and personal power as a man, as well as helping you balance your female and male sides. It has been published in eight languages and was on the LA Times Healthy Best Seller List for five weeks! Her other book, Men To Run From, So You Can Find The Right One To Run To, helps you to identify some types of men that may not be great partners for your sisters, your daughters and your gal-pals. Help them 'hone their picker' and have happier, healthier relationships by learning to recognize these guys. So tell them about it, and hey, perhaps it may lend some insight to yourself, your buddies and your work relationships! Catherine has received glowing reports from men, straight and gay, about this book. Click on Books, etc. for info on all of Catherine's products.

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