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MEN TO RUN FROM, So You Can Find The Right One To Run To!

Are you dating? How's that going for you? In these times where the 'rules' of dating are based on the latest pop fad, and the Internet sets the pace for meeting people, how do you know, REALLY know how to do it RIGHT?

Catherine Cardinal, revolutionary thinker and celebrated author extraordinaire has unleashed her unabashed, brilliantly insightful and honest book onto the world – and it hasn't come a moment too soon!

In this staggeringly perceptive relationship field guide, Cardinal's wit and compassion reign supreme as she acutely and articulately enlightens the reader and accurately defines the telltale signs of male types that might not be the best match for you. Classic examples include: The Golden Boy, Bullies, or Mr. Know-It-All. And, most importantly, if you are with one of these guys, who is a milder version of the type and you're not sure it's time to run,(some of these guys may be keepers) she gives you Helpful Hints and Things To Do to try to work it out! She knows from years of working with couples that sometimes people just need some encouragement to change.

TIME is at the helm here, and this is where Men To Run From majorly pays off! In this fast paced world, gone are the days of spinning one's romantic wheels wasting time and energy. Armed with the "Cardinal Knowledge" presented in this book, your judgment is honed, you know if it's worth working on or if it's time to run, your 'picker' gets better and you can focus on finding the right partner for you…a partner who is worthy of and mature enough for a real relationship and healthy intimacy.

And by the way, MEN have been really interested in this book too! Several men have sent her emails and recently a man spoke to Catherine at a book signing and let her know that he bought this book for his gal pal, who he's tired of seeing date the wrong men. Men are buying this book for their female friends, daughters and relatives, and you should too!

Attention Couples!

The bad news - the divorce rate in California is at 60% and 50% nationwide. The good news - with proper guidance, marriages can be saved. Catherine knows that most all problems in a marriage stem from unresolved conflicts and resentment. Catherine helps the couple get to the deepest cause of their negative dynamic and facilitates a positive, forward moving shift. If you can find the root cause under the repetitive fights, you can shift the relationship into a workable, harmonious place. With Catherine, results can be quick and efficient.

"We were referred to Catherine for Relationship Coaching by a friend who knew we were having marital problems. We are both in high stress jobs in the entertainment industry and were fighting often. Within the first visit we felt comfortable and in good hands. My husband was hesitant to come, thinking the women would gang up on him. But Catherine made us both feel at ease and helped us see the root of our constant arguments. I feel confident that with the relationship skills we learned we have a much better chance of making our relationship work. Thank you Catherine, we are grateful!"

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Are You Dating One Of These Guys?

Are you dating Mr. Know-It-All? Is it workable? Ask yourself:

Who is Mr. Know It All? This is the guy who thinks he's an expert on everything. It can be intolerable listening to him discuss, rant and argue about things that he oftentimes knows little about.

Does he feel the need to act like an expert even when it's a subject he doesn't know much about? Does he always speak with an air of authority, even when it is not warranted? Does he embarrass you?

  • Does he interrupt you or others because he's so anxious to get in his two cents?
  • Do you feel heard when you speak, or do you feel judged and patronized?
  • Are you comfortable being the quiet one and letting him dominate the conversation?

If you are with a Mr. Know-It-All, and want to try to work it out, Catherine has ideas on how to help him to calm down and be a generous listener. Check out the "Helpful Hints" section in Chapter 20 in Men To Run From !

Are you with a Microscope Man? Is it workable?

Who is Microscope Man? This is the guy who is forever seeing the one piece of white lint on the black shirt of life! He expects the world to be in perfect order, and can be critical of anything and anyone who does not match his meticulous standards.

  • How often does he point out some flaw about you or the world?
  • Does he let you know that you are falling short of his standard? Are his standards so high that no matter how hard you try, you will never be good enough?
  • Does he feel uncomfortable or panicked when he isn't in control?
  • Does he get frustrated and angry when things don't go his way?

I have seen that often times these guys are workable. They have a lot of great qualities, are usually very responsible. If he can start to see the glass as half full instead of half empty-he may be a keeper! Check out the "Helpful Hints" section of Chapter 2 in Men To Run From !

Are you dating a C'Mere, Go away Guy?

This is the guy who is into the chase. He's all available until you really fall for him and it's inching towards commitment-then he's gone. He's all dressed up but isn't going to go anywhere long-term.

  • If you have met someone you feel absolutely great about, are you taking it slow? Is his affection consistent and sustained over time? Do you know that it takes at least nine to twelve months to know if someone is able to be true to his initial intention?
  • Do you know anything about his history? Has he had successful long-term relationships?
  • Does he withdraw when you show your feelings? Are his actions and emotions inconsistent? Do you beg him to stay and not go away again?

If you are out there dating, you want to be sure to recognize the tell-tale signs of this guy before you fall too deep. Protect your heart! Check out the "Helpful Hints" section of Chapter 10 in Men To Run From !

Are you dating The Loose Cannon?

This is the guy who can't control his temper. It takes very little for this volcano to erupt, and there's no way to predict what will set off his next seismic disturbance.

  • What percentage of the time is he angry? Does his anger seem measured or way out of proportion?
  • Are you hypervigilant and frightened? Are the kids and pets afraid of him?
  • Has he been violent? If so, have you reported him to the authorities? Has this happened more than once?

These are usually guys to run from…Read more about how to protect yourself from this guy in Chapter 8 of Men To Run From !

Are you dating The Salesman? Is it time to run?

This guy might be a salesman by trade, but, whatever his career, the thing he is selling is an inflated, hyped, improved version of himself. He is usually very charming and can be smooth, charismatic and very believable.

  • Does he have lots of great stories and make big promises early in the relationship? Are you in awe of him? Are you staying in touch with your intuition?
  • Do all of his stories match? Is there ever a time where you say to yourself, "This story was different the last time I heard it"?
  • Does he seem to invent bigger and better stories to match the situation that you're in?
  • Is he asking you for loans or for money to invest? Is he asking questions about your assets, salary, savings, et cetera?

The Salesman ranges from the mild embellisher to the down-right con man. Check out Chapter 6 in Men To Run From to see if your Salesman is workable or not!

Are you dating a Boyz?

Beware of Boyz posing as men! These guys may be youthful, playful and charming, but unless you want to play mommy to a mate, think again!

  • Does he insist on his way more than seems fair and equitable?
  • Do all of his stories match? Is there ever a time where you say to yourself, "This story was different the last time I heard it"?
  • Do you find yourself taking care of him and making sure his needs are met at the expense of your own? Are you telling yourself that if you take care of him, he will eventually grow up and be your perfect partner?
  • Are you content to be with Boyz because you feel like a kid yourself? If so, is someone taking care of life's daily details and making sure the wolf won't be at the door? Can you assume that responsibility without growing resentful?
  • If you are attracted to the bad-boy type with a Kurt Cobain living-on-the-edge sensibility, are you really able to create and sustain a stable relationship?

If you are with a Boyz, there are things to try to help him catch-up on the learning curve. Check out Chapter 5 in Men To Run From to see if you are with a youngster, a tween or a teen and then check out the "Helpful Hints" section for some great advice on Boyz

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