As you grow, your personality grows – and changes. In your youth, this was fine until the day you first realized the rest of the world is growing and changing too. Relationships become stressed, you start to doubt yourself, you see friends and family "change" and head in different directions, until you begin to wonder, "Is it me?"

At this point, the personality traits you learned in your youth no longer meet your needs in today's world and can actually keep you from experiencing personal fulfillment in your career, relationships, and total well-being. Taking the steps to change can be an overwhelming struggle unless you become aware of the key issues that strengthen your self-esteem and empower you with the courage to break free from the old habits that hold you back.

A Cure For The Common Life: The Cardinal Rules of Self-Esteem is a small but deceptively powerful book that pinpoints 10 specific ways to recognize the root cause of common problems and, at the same time, determine a realistic course for improvement. Written in a clear, thoughtful, all-embracing, heart-to-heart style, Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D.'s book gives you the confidence and support to finally take that giant leap – and change for your own good.

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Men to Run From, So You Can Find The Right One To Run To is Catherine Cardinal’s witty and compassionate guide to men that teaches women how to spot the keepers from the throwbacks. Women will learn to recognize the telltale signs of types like Microscope Man, The C’mere Go Away Guy, or the Kid in the Candy Store and others whose behavior only leads to frustration and heartache.

Should you work on it or cut your losses and get out? Read this if you are ready to stop squandering months, even years, with men who aren’t a good match. Use your smarts and find a partner who is capable of building a loving and long-lasting relationship. (Read more about Men To Run From on the Relationships page!)

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Foreward By Kathleen Madigan

"So many of us end up with relationship problems that we just didn't see coming. That's how I met Catherine, who helped me after a bad break-up. I mean, no one goes into a relationship thinking, "Well, this guy is sure to crush my spirit and break my heart."

Yet it happens. It's happened to me.

And half the battle with me after a breakup is beating myself up, which is why I'm now in favor of arranged marriages. At least if my mom picks the guy and it goes completely awry, I won't have to sit in a bean bag chair with a bottle of Scotch for six months wondering, "What the hell is wrong with me?" Instead, I can just look over at my mom and say, "You did it again!"

The truth is, before I met Catherine and heard her clear, compassionate, and practical advice, I'd languish in a bad relationship for years and suffer. No matter if the awful relationship was with an agent, manager, publicist, or boyfriend, the Midwestern girl in me said, "He's a good guy. He's trying. He hasn't done anything that horrible." That's how low I'd set the bar. I simply did relationships old-school, Irish style. You suck it up, have another beer, and let him watch his football, until one day, when it becomes too unbearable, you walk out.

If only I'd read Men to Run From: So You Can Find the Right One to Run To years ago, I could have saved myself a lot of pain and anguish. Then again, as a comic, I would have lost a solid ten minutes of really good material from my act.

While reading Men to Run From, I started recognizing all of these types of men I'd dated, and I would yell aloud, "Damn, how did I miss that?" I guess that's the benefit of Catherine's years of experience and her insights into relationships. She knows how to help you spot where things are headed early on and how to correct course or, if needed, jump ship. Having read her book, I think I finally got it, though the answer came to me in the form of an Irish nautical metaphor: Better to learn how to spot a seaworthy vessel in port than to spend years bailing water from a sinking ship.

This is why I firmly believe that Men to Run From should be given to every woman upon college graduation. Hey, while you're in college, you should still be allowed to date anyone. You want to date the idiot? Go ahead. You want to sleep with the hot jock who will never call you again? Fine. But after college, you should have this book handed to you along with your diploma. The book will only take a short while to read, but it can save you years of regret, confusion, and pain. Catherine Cardinal has spent a lifetime listening and giving wise counsel. Take her advice!"