...You Can Do To Improve Your Body Image & Self Esteem

  1. Learn to set reasonable goals. Whether it's about your exercise routine or diet, don't set the bar too high or you may find yourself resisting and then failing. Remember that a healthy, balanced life is a journey of steps. Give yourself permission to win by keeping a steady workable pace.
  2. Single out what is beautiful about you. Perhaps you love your eyes, or your legs, but are unhappy with other parts. Keep your focus on those parts that work for you and know that everyone has parts they love and parts they wish they could change. Look into a mirror and focus on the good stuff.
  3. Think before you speak and be a generous listener. When you take the time to hear others and contemplate what you are saying back, you are likely to have less conflict and form more genuine bonds with others. Receiving the love of great friends who accept us for exactly as we are, is a great asset to helping us love and accept ourselves.
  4. Take pride in your accomplishments. We are all good at something. Make a list of those things which you feel really good about and read that list every day. "I am kind, courageous, a great swimmer, etc." Believe in your ability to be competent and also your ability to learn and accomplish new things.
  5. Fast once a month. Give your body a rest by feeding it only vegetable and/or fruit juices. This cleansing will help keep your weight down, minimize cellulite and give you energy. If you feel good about it, try once a week.
  6. Be aware of your inner critic. The negative voice in your head which puts you down. When you hear it, tell it to "pipe down and take a hike"! You are in control of your body and mind and no one is going to make you feel less than or not good enough. The critic is a result of all the negative things you have heard or experienced in your life. Let it all go and create positive scenarios in your head. Allow yourself to be creative and imaginative with your new found supportive voices.
  7. Be in the moment. When you accept the reality of your life exactly as it is now, you stop the futile worrying about the past and the future. Take a moment each day to meditate on what is good about right now and focus on that. Give thanks and gratitude for what is good and believe that things can get better for you. Having these positive thoughts is the secret to a happier life.

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